6 Strategies to Improve Your Salon/Spa Marketing

Marketing is the key to boosting our business. 

A salon/spa hardly grows business without acquiring more new customers, and salon/spa marketing is the top way to get more customers. 

An active and planned salon/spa marketing will bring customers in a short time; you will have more chances to convert them to your loyal customers.

Effective salon/spa marketing requires well-designed strategies to draw more attention from your customers.

When your salon/spa marketing strategies correctly convey your messages, they will reach your customers, meet their interests, and catch their eyes.

Salon/spa marketing includes social media marketing, Email Marketing, SMS marketing, etc., and you should adopt each of them and combine them correctly and make the strategies accordingly.

As a result, your salon/spa marketing will 200%-300% works better than before, and totally better than the traditional salon/spa marketing like a slogan.

What’s more, the optimization of salon/spa marketing based on the report or tracking of former marketing will increase your new customers as well.

Why Your Salon/Spa Marketing Barely Works?

Many salon/spa owners rely on merely one tunnel to market their customers, like marketing only on social media.

They ignored other ways to get more customers in their salon/spa marketing.

Many owners spend lots of money on salon/spa marketing but receive nothing since they pay no attention to the tracking or report of their marketing strategies; as a result, they do it all the way wrong.

Moreover, many owners are not professional at managing the salon/spa marketing, ignoring the segmentation of customers, ineffective marketing overlapped on one customer.

Besides, salon/spa owners haven’t found good software to implement salon/spa marketing, which results in a waste of effort and poor payoff.

Salon/spa marketing is a significant part of running a salon/spa well. 

Hence, we need to work out the proper salon/spa marketing strategies and continue to read more about how we can succeed in salon/spa marketing.

6 Practical Marketing Strategies for Salon/Spa Marketing

1. Segment Customers and Get Preparations for Salon/spa Marketing

Manage your customers and Membership

It is clear to salon/spa owners that most of their business is from their loyal customers.

Accordingly, it is indispensable to do salon/spa marketing to your loyal customers, and you need to design a good plan for them to engage them in continuous consumption, like exclusive discounts.

When you acquire plenty of membership, an excellent system to manage them is essential, and it will kick in when you implement your salon/spa marketing in a segmentation.

Provide Coupons and Gift Cards

Coupons are flexible to be attached with SMS marketing, email marketing, social media marketing.

Classifying the coupons for your different customers will receive better outcomes when you implement your salon/spa marketing, and you can provide two coupons for walk-in customers.

Gift cards are one of the best ways to impress your regular clients, as well as attracting new ones to join. 

Create several gift card packages to meet the demands of your potential clientele, and sometimes gift cards can be given to a particular group like mothers’ day. 

Value-added Services and Additional Goods

When there is a new client, you can prepare some value-added services and products to give them a good impression. Encourage them to leave their contacts and other info for your future salon/spa marketing.

The sample products will be considerate for your customers and impress them a lot.

Organize Events in Your Salon/spa Shop

Except for the public festivals, you can name a special day for your salon/spa ceremony; you can host a celebration to attract more new customers on that day.

You can host a party or gathering to celebrate the public festivals and catch more people’s eyes as well. 

Of course, you can start it ahead of the festival so that other salons/spas won’t cover your voice.

2. Utilize Social Media Marketing 

 Active on Social Media

Schedule your post on your social media to keep active so that you will have more chances to interact with your customers during salon/spa marketing.

What’s more, your customers will pay more attention to your active post and get some impressions of your salon/spa. 

When they have demand, your brand will come to their mind right away.

Build up Your Booking Website

Nowadays, people live in digital life profoundly, and an attractive-looking website will encourage the customers to visit your salon/spa. 

Eliminate many operational costs by making clients feel at home, and your salon/spa marketing will become more natural. 

Interact with Your Customers

Keep in mind that no matter how simple the question your customers raised, reply to them in time even you can just set up an automation reply.

Your customers will feel respected by your salon/spa marketing and convert to your potential or actual customers.

Select software to manage your salon/spa marketing

Over 85% of salon/spa has now started to draw support of salon/spa management & marketing software.

However, proper software will boost your business largely; otherwise, you may waste money and time on it.

Beauty Wemero is the most valuable and all-in-one salon/spa management and marketing software, and you can conduct your salon/spa marketing simply but high-effectively!

Invite Influencer to your salon/spa

Yeah, influencer marketing is also applicable for your salon/spa marketing!

You can invite some of your local influencers to do salon/spa in your shop, work out more content to gain more traffic on social media, and advocate your salon/spa with the influencers.

It is another way to attract more customers by combining with your promotions and convert them to your loyal customers.

Host Some Live stream

Some salon/spa owners may be shocked by this topic, but with digital life is getting so popular, a live stream is helpful for your salon/spa marketing.

You need to post your live stream time to invite more customers to watch, you can share some tips do some daily care, or scheme a live hairstyling show.

During the live, you can prepare some giveaways to involve your customers.

Display successful Models

You need to prepare some successful artwork for your customers; you can display it on your social media, website, even in your live stream.

Whether your model charges or not, once you or your staff can produce excellent work, share it with the public.

Invest in some ads

If you would like to boost your salon/spa marketing in a comprehensive routine, invest in some online ads on social media like Instagram or your local online publications.

In addition, you can also cooperate with other popular brands to help you with advertisements of salon/spa marketing. 

Try to negotiate with them to work out worth good advertising, like charge by conversion and commission included.

Don’t forget to track the result of the advertisements, even you couldn’t get a good return, it will be your resource to understand your customers better as well! 

Dive into more tips to improve your salon/spa social media marketing HERE

3. Email Marketing is also Indispensable

Implement Email Marketing correctly:

You should apply email marketing under a good schedule with simplified and attractive content.

Besides, you need to consider the segmentation during the salon/spa email marketing. Check out HERE to learn more about how to improve salon/spa email marketing.

Track every campaign

Salon/spa marketing, no doubt, is a long-term campaign and requests your consistency and improvements to understand your customers better and cater to them.

Tracking your salon/spa marketing will reflect the flaws or shortcomings of your activities. 

You can adjust it instantly to prevent the salon/spa marketing from the vanish.

4. Carry out SMS Marketing Flexibly

Apply SMS marketing

With the highest opening rate of all the salon/spa marketing methods, SMS marketing would save a lot of your salon/spa marketing budget.

It is better than SMS marketing could be integrated with automation reminders to reach your customers timely and effectively.

Send Reminders Timely

Some of your customers may forget to do salon in their busy lives, and a kind reminder should reach your customers by SMS or email seasonably.

Personalized SMS and email will benefit your salon/spa marketing and gain customers’ interest.

Beauty Wemero personalized SMS system helps you remind your customers automatically, eliminating your distraction on such cumbersome affairs. 

Check out HERE to learn more about how to improve salon/spa SMS marketing.

5. Use After-sale Service to Market Your Customer

Handbook and Member Guide

You can create a member guide that includes an overview of the benefits of joining your spa/salon membership, instructions on redeeming gift certificates, and any other special offers your salon/spa may have for your salon/spa marketing. 

Also include recipes and various ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid the Compliance

If your customer is unsatisfied with their visit, it will eventually affect your salon/spa marketing. 

You need to do a proper cleanup after the treatment, collect feedback from them. 

Or it will leave a negative impact on your salon/spa marketing. 

Send an e-mail thanking them for visiting your salon/spa and include survey forms to fill out. Be sure to follow up on your leads.

Get Feedback from Your Customer

While it seems, the feedback is the tail of your salon/spa services, and it plays a significantly important role in salon/spa marketing.

Firstly, you can improve your service and attract more customers after collecting their feedbacks to improve salon/spa marketing.

Second, you can encourage your customers to book the next service in the meanwhile and obtain more customer information as well.

Collect reviews and testimonials from your Customers and try to share them with your customers.

6. Analyze the Report and Optimize Your Campaign

Why analyzing the report is relating to salon/spa marketing?

It contributes to getting the advantage and the directions for your salon/spa marketing.

Think about it, when you’d like to select a service/product to promote to your customers, which one is unique in your shop?

Salon/spa marketing is more like an information resource war where you need to present your strengths to your customers.

Beauty Wemero Provides the Best Salon/Spa Marketing Tools

  1. Automation Hub

Ease your salon/spa marketing whenever you have bookings by SMS or email, it will remind your customers automatically.

An automation referral system also sends coupons to the referral and referred customers, automating your salon/spa marketing.

  • Beauty Wemero Text Message/Email Marketing

Boost your service and product sales by using Wemero Service / Product Campaign based on intelligent customer segmentation and target for better service booking reach to your customers.

They are the most important part of your salon/spa marketing!

  • Wemero Book Now

Beauty Wemero makes your salon/spa marketing easier but efficient, and it will generate a share link for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vk, even your blog.

Boost your salon/spa business just in several clicks.

4.      Service / Product Campaign

Improve your service and product sales by using Wemero Service / Product Campaign based on intelligent customer segmentation and target for better service booking reach to your customers. 

Also, make your salon/spa marketing more precise!

5.      Gift Card/ Membership Campaign

Boost your service and product sales by using Wemero Gift Card / Membership Campaign based on intelligent customer segmentation and target for better service booking reach to your customers.

So that you will benefit a lot from your salon/spa marketing.

  • Custom Website

The custom website will improve the identity of your salon/spa shop when you are doing salon/spa marketing. It will leave a deep impression on your customers

There are templates as well for your to customize and easily build up. 

You can contact us for the advanced design for your salon/spa marketing.

  • Schedule Your Salon/Spa Marketing

Work out your long-term plan on Beauty Wemero, save your efforts, and enlarge your salon/spa text message marketing impact.

 And it will recommend sending time based on your location.

  • Smart Poster

Beauty Wemero helps you design your poster in a coherent style with a beautiful presentation. 

You can have many templates to use, or you can contact us for advanced design for your salon/spa marketing.

  • Import and Export All of Your Customers 

You can export your customers with your marks conveniently. You can segment your customers and then export their 360 information.

  1. Wemero Text Message Marketing Credit Package

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