Boost your salon business sales using coupons – Salon Marketing Strategy

Hello Salon / Spa Owners, Welcome to Wemero once again. Let’s see how to boost your business sales and revenue using Coupons which will be your next marketing strategy.

A few days back, I’ve been reading an article as to how business owners are getting problems in sales and common points were, they are only offering service but no extra option which should pamper their customers. So, I thought, let’s share the idea of SHARE A COUPON

Boost Sales using Coupon

Coupons aka vouchers are a really effective as well as very popular salon marketing tool which helps to give an extra boost in sales.

According to 2019 research, 82% of sales increased by for those business owners who were using coupons from time to time and helping customer’s pockets.

Another interesting fact comes as clients who were receiving a discount coupon are more relaxed and happier as well as recurring appointments were on a high scale which makes them loyal too.

Personally, I think that giving an extra discount via coupon, encourage them to not go for a bargain and drive more sales.

Time to implement Coupon to work for your salon business

There is multiple ways, you can give the coupon to your customer such as:

  • Send clients a coupon by email on the day they came the first time. This will boost their confidence and trust in you that you care about the most.
  • Surprise them using Coupon at the time of payment. This will give an additional smile and relaxation on their face and they will get more interconnected with you and your service.
  • The run campaign as entering Review to get coupon, so your store will get more and more reviews and you will get more customers also.
  • Give coupons on their special occasions such as birthday, anniversary, etc which will make them happy and you will get a chance to get a new booking.

In short, your simple discount will be like a cuddle or a soft hug for them which will make them relax, calm, and more trustworthy!

Time to try Wemero Marketing Tools – Coupon Management

Now don’t worry about coupons and time to create coupons using the Wemero Coupon Management system.

Create New Coupon

Creating a new coupon is just a few clicks away from you.

  1. Click to log in here.
  2. Select the store in which you want to create a coupon.
  3. Click on Marketing Tool and Select Coupon Management.
  4. Click on New Coupon and assign based on Service, Product, Gift Card, Membership as how much discount you want to give.
  5. Save and you are ready to go.

Time to use coupon in POS

  1. Open your POS
  2. Enter Customer Information
  3. Select Service or Product or Gift card or Membership Card
  4. Select the applicable coupon and you are ready to go.


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