How Customer Segmentation Can Improve Salon / Spa Business?

What is Market Segmentation?

Market segmentation is a subdivision of potential customers and loyal customers on the market on the basis of their consuming characteristics, which allows marketers to identify segments that will be profitable for them and obtain success in the long run. 

Market segmentation enables marketers to implement optimum advertising and marketing material that will appeal to exact groups.

As a result, market segmentation allows businesses to create more meaningful engagements and marketing strategies to boost business.

Hence different types of market segmentation arise in industries. Each one has its own unique impact on the overall process.

Is Market Segmentation Applicable in Salon/Sap?

Segmentation is applied to more industries’ marketing to understand their customers better and conduct accurate marketing, increasing brands’ market occupation.

More Salon/Wellness/Fitness/Spa owners seek ways to enhance their business under the pandemic.

Segmenting and Marketing their customers gets much essential for NOW.

Wemero Team has considered it for these owners.

Apparently, the Segmenting Customers will refine the service based on customer’s preference; the customized service will contribute to guests’ loyalty to your Salon; thus, it will definitely incitive continuous consumption of one customer and attract new guests.

Moreover, segmenting will essentially cut down the running cost of your business, as it will get rid of much useless marketing and advertising.

How to Segment Your Own Customers?

Segmenting your customers on paper/doc would leave you behind competitors faraway.

But Wemero creates it:

  1. Wemero AI-powered software helps you Tag different customers separately to label their info or preference in the Wemero owner dashboard, facilitate your reference to know about customers.
  2. Superhuman Email / SMS Marketing will automatically segmentation the process based on customers’ appointment/purchase activities.

With further requirements coming, Wemero Team will develop more sub-features if  Business Owners are demanding features to tailor their own Customer Segmentation where they can able to build segmentation by themselves.  

Combined with Segmentation, Wemero Marketing Tools will Boom Your Business!

After you segment your customers, the next step is to work out plans to Market them given their preference.

Wemero integrated all resources that you can imagine, and it is totally an all-in-one software to boost your business!

  1. Integrate with Facebook/Instagram/VK/Website to share your store.
  2. Promotion Sale: you can launch more campaigns to promote!
  3. Loyalty Management: Reward customers based on their activities belong to Service/Product/Gift Card / Membership, etc. Manually, BO/SM can reward more points to a customer by Salon/Spa owners.
  4. Email Marketing
  5. SMS Marketing
  6. Smart Poster

…More Features on Wemero

Learn more about Wemero Marketing Features HERE, just a few steps to your success!

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