12 Tips to Boost Your Salon/Spa During COVID-19

How about Your Business under COVID19?

Life is precious for all of us when the COVID19 continues to exist. 

Salon/spa owners face many difficulties to boost salon/spa during COVID19.

Every salon/spa tried to control the density of customers to decrease the implications of COVID-19.

While it is another scene when they reopen their business and looking to work out a plan to boost a salon/spa during COVID19. 

But you are not alone, many salon/spa owners tried many approaches to eliminate the fear of their customers, and still, their business seems pale without improvements.

Facing the high rent and salary paid to staff, many salon/spa owners start to sigh, failing to struggle with this and boost salon/spa during COVID19.

What is crueller is that many salon/spa shops shut down during the COVID19.

It is incredibly challenging to boost salon/spa during COVID19, and you need to jump out of the salon/spa shop and stand at the height of the whole industry to observe to attempt. Here Beauty Wemero comes up with 12 tips to help you boost salon/spa during COVID19.

12 Tips to Boost Your Salon/Spa During COVID19

12 Tips to Boost Your Salon:Spa During COVID19 Now
12 Tips to Boost Your Salon & Spa During COVID19 Now

Open Your Online Appointments and Manage Them Well

In order to reduce the risk of gathering, you can enable your online appointments to boost salon/spa during COVID19.

Except for that, you need to arrange the proper time for customers to visit your shop as well.

That will require good appointments management software to help you collect online appointments and manage them well, and Beauty Wemero is the best salon/spa software to deal with online appointments.

Besides, you can also provide exclusive online booking prices to attract customers to book online.

It will make your salon/spa shop more outstanding and considerate under the pandemic.

Sell Your Products Online

This idea may wake up many salon/spa owners to boost salon/spa duringCOVID19, correct, you loyal customers, even new customers indeed will have their own daily care, your products will suit them well!

You are the professional in the area, they believe in your recommendations totally, especially when you know their conditions like hair health, skincare, they need your massage oil, shampoo, or essential oils, and so on.

An online store is also necessary to retail your products to boost salon/spa during COVID19, but you are not professional in enabling an online store or e-commercial business.

A convenient software to help you run an online shop will save you lots of effort and manage your supply chain to boost salon/spa during COVID19.

As a result, you can decrease the contact and risk of other customers, but you increase the revenue to boost salon/spa during COVID19.

If you have Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing, it will help you a lot to sell your products online to boost salon/spa during COVID19, PS, not only developments in your shop.

Try to Build up Contactless Environment

You need to create a safe space for your customers and tell your loyal and new customers on your billboard that you made the safe space by control the numbers of customers and the distance between them.

Prepare all the protections to do the service, like a mask, disposable gloves, disinfected salon/spa tools, etc., that is very important to boost a salon/spa during COVID19.

You also need to prepare the protections for your customers in case that they forget their masks.

Cancel the waiting room and implement online check-in and send forms to clients to fill out before they arrive, so there’s no need for them to use a shared tablet or clipboard.

Allow your staff to use personal devices to add retail items and extra services to the ticket and have them check out clients from anywhere to boost salon/spa during COVID19, letting your clients skip the front desk and enjoy a contactless checkout. 

Clean Your Salon/Spa per Hour

Here we suggest that you disinfect your salon/spa shop per hour to drop the chance that the virus could survive. 

Prepare enough disinfection for your salon/spa, offering hand sanitiser to customers, staff, arrange the schedule to disinfect per hour and make sure you clean every corner of your shop to boost salon/spa during COVID19.

Providing transparency into your cleaning schedule via social media and other forms of communication. 

Set assured your customers to visit your salon/spa shop, so that you can boost salon/spa during COVID19.

Cut down Cancellation Fees

You will face unexpected cancellations when you start an online booking system to boost salon/spa during COVID19.

The cancellation fee is an industry practice to avoid the cancellation on purpose, guaranteeing the authenticity of the booking and keeping the business running well. 

During the COVID19, we can’t 100% refuse all the requirements to cancel the booking, but cutting your cancellation down to 50% or less would be much reasonable.

Make sure your clients know that they can cancel without penalty if they’re not feeling well. 

Encourage Your Staff to Reduce Hanging out

One of the most critical factors in keeping your staff safe and making your customers assured is that your staff are very stable and barely go into the crowded.

If possible, you can also make their trace transparent to your customer to boost salon/spa during the COVID19.

Besides, allow your staff flexible working hours, if they didn’t have many appointments, they could stay home.

Beauty Wemero, the genuine all-in-one intelligent software, will also help you manage your staff, even their attendance to boost salon/spa during COVID19.

Utilize the Remote Communication

Think about how your customers are keeping in touch with you and how you are contacting them. 

An automatic contactless update to your customers via Email/SMS if you need to enact any of the strategies above to boost salon/spa during COVID19. 

For example, some hairdressers would like to change their schedule, and you can update your customers by email/SMS.

The direct reply to your message to your email/SMS should be available when customers want to change their appointments.

By this means, your customer would consider more to go to your salon/spa when you boost salon/spa during COVID19 cause they will think your salon/spa is much safer than others and be considerate!

Customer Maintenance 

Customer maintenance is vital to boost salon/spa during COVID19 cause most of your customers will be your loyal customers during this time.

COVID19 blocked your distance between your customers, you could also reach your customers in other ways, but customer segmentation is indispensable.

Moreover, you need to lean on some marketing tools to remind your customer to do salon/spa timely.

Don’t forget to mention that your salon/spa shop is much safer, how do you control this to comfort your customers and let them feel treated very well!

Beauty Wemero is the best salon/spa software to help you implement customer maintenance to boost salon/spa during COVID19.

Home Service If Possible

COVID19 results in the fading of the business and the panic of part of your customers.

Some of your customers would prefer a home service to protect themselves from the pandemic.

Hence, providing home service would make your salon/spa shop more competitive among the salon/spa to boost salon/spa during COVID19.

Once you deploy the home service, educate your staff to protect and disinfect before and after the home service. 

Remove Risky Services and Simplify Process

Besides keeping your business boosted, you also need to be responsible for your customers or even society, remove risky services, which will benefit both customers and your shop to boost salon/spa during COVID19.

It’s easy to ensure you’ll have time to clean between appointments when you implement online booking. 

Maybe it won’t make any sense to offer your full-service menu at the moment, and think about what makes sense for your business, how can you give clients a great experience—while still keeping everyone safe? 

Online Education and Stream Live

When you provide online products sales, it would be more meaningful to guide your customers to use online.

You can teach customers how to use the live streams to achieve similar results as store services to boost salon/spa during OCVID19.

In this way, customers enjoy “services” at home, and merchants also receive corresponding income.

Therefore, if merchants can use live streams tools flexibly, they will have the opportunity to recover quickly during particular periods. 

We especially recommend that you try this, and it may have unexpected effects!

Build up Your Community to Share and Encourage During COVID19

Social media has been a meaningful way to communicate in our days fighting with COVID19.

Building up a group to share your salon/spa shop knowledge would impress your customers a lot and boost salon/spa during COVID19 as a result.

Besides, your group will also be an excellent place to encourage people to fight with COVID19 positively.

How Beauty Wemero Help You Run Salon/spa During COVID19 

Custom Booking Website

The custom website will improve the identifying of your salon/spa shop when you are doing salon/spa marketing. 

Your customers can book on this website whenever they want! 

There are templates for you to customize and quickly build up to boost salon/spa during COVID19. 

You can contact us for the advanced design for your salon/spa marketing as well.

Online Products Sale

You can upload your products on your custom booking website, and your customers can purchase online, pay online.

What else, you don’t have to run your online store like other e-commercial platforms. 

Beauty Wemero also featured supply chain management, and you can update your stock easily.

A powerful feature to boost salon/spa during COVID19!

Calendar Overview

You can manage your schedule according to the booking schedule and arrange other work, like cleaning and disinfecting your salon/spa between the gap.

A practical feature to help you boost salon/spa during COVID19.

Email/SMS Marketing

Boost your service and product sales by using Beauty Wemero Service / Product Campaign based on intelligent customer segmentation and target for better service booking reach to your customers.

They are the most crucial part of your salon/spa marketing to boost salon/spa during COVID19!

Staff/Customer/Services Management

Beauty Wemero allows you to manage your staff, their attendance and schedule their working hours.

You can conveniently export your customers with your marks, segment them, and then export their 360 information. 

You can manage your service and remove the risky services to boost salon/spa during COVID19.

Social Media Marketing

Beauty Wemero makes your salon/spa marketing easier but efficient, and it will generate a share link for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vk, even your blog.

Boost your salon/spa business just in several clicks to boost salon/spa during COVID19.

Automation Hub

Ease your salon/spa marketing whenever you have bookings by SMS or email, it will remind your customers automatically. An automation referral system also sends coupons to the referral and referred customers, automating your salon/spa marketing to boost salon/spa during COVID19. 


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