How to do customer maintenance and marketing with live streams in COVID-19?

The entire world is affected due to COVID-19 and every beauty, spa, the salon is trying to keep retain their customers by some kind of method such as giving then some specific offer or trying to reach them using the membership. Wemero is going to share with you how to do customer maintenance and marketing with live streams in the COVID-19 situation. So Let’s start.

In order to combat the epidemic, we were asked to reduce outings and gatherings, and reduce contact between each other, which caused heavy losses for many business owners. We know that businesses are facing operating pressure and are eager to find new business models to make up for their losses.

If merchants cannot provide face-to-face services to customers, then we recommend that merchants use live stream tools to communicate with customers. At present, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, VK, and Tiktok provide live streams function. Merchants can open live streams and invite new and old customers to watch.

Benefits of Livestreams

In the live streams, merchants can do several important things:

1. Customer maintenance

   Through live streams, merchants can communicate better with customers, shorten the distance between each other, and use marketing tactics to avoid large-scale loss of old customers.

2. Product recommendation

   Merchant in-store business is affected, so home goods such as household beauty equipment, beauty skin care products, urgently needed sanitation and disinfection products should be provided to clients. And merchants can sell these products via live streams to new and old customers.

3. Online teaching

   Even for some beauty products that are usually used in-store services, if conditions permit, we also recommend that merchants try to provide them to customers. You can teach customers how to use through the live streams to achieve similar results as store services. In this way, customers enjoy services at home, and merchants also receive corresponding income.

Therefore, if merchants can use live streams tools flexibly, they will have the opportunity to recover quickly during special periods. We especially recommend that you try this and it may have unexpected effects!

If you have thoughts, questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to email us at support@wemero.com and let us know that “are you using live stream or not?”

Thanks for reading!


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