Why Beauty Salons Need to Implement Online Appointment?

Nowadays, some popular beauty salons and barbershops often require customers to wait in line, but long queues will waste a lot of users’ time. To avoid this situation, many stores have begun to support online appointments, and users can make online appointments at any time. Wemero can provide businesses with efficient online booking tools.

1. The function of the online appointment :

1) Create appointment content; such as salon information, address, salon services, and prices ;

2) Appointment time setting: Set flexible appointment time period, as well as the appointment time interval and the maximum number of appointments within the time period;

3) The beauty salons confirm the reservation information and sends a feedback message to the customer

4) Customers go to the salon to receive service by the scheduled time

2. Advantages of online appointment

1) It is easy to operate. If you want to book a certain service in a salon before, you must at least contact by phone. Some salons do not even have an appointment function. 

2) With an online booking function, users can choose a more suitable arrival time according to their own time. The schedule of salons can be optimized according to the user’s appointment arrangement. This approach not only allows users to make bookings in a better way but also gives more freedom to beauty salons.

3) One-on-one service, the appointment function allows users to select service items and realize one-on-one service, which is very helpful to improve the user’s experience and can also increase the user’s loyalty to the store.

4) Service is guaranteed. The reservation function can give the store more preparation time. The more fully prepared the store, the better the service it will bring. A more secure service can greatly improve the user’s personal experience.

Especially in the current epidemic environment, many beauty stores are required to control the flow of people, so they can only accept online reservations from customers. This is also a major demand for online appointments in the current environment.

The online booking features of Wemero meet the various needs of business users, allowing consumers to make online one-click appointments according to their needs, which is convenient and efficient. Please try now at https://beauty.wemero.com/official-web/index-en.html


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