6 Benefits of  Salon Whatsapp Reminder!

Salon Whatsapp Reminder

Beauty Industry is one of the high-competitive areas where most of the competitors will get all the methods to acquire more clients and maintain their clients. No matter whether to improve their service, add on more marketing strategy or refine their management, salon owners break everything to the ground!

Hence it is more like a war to get ways to obtain salon clients and maintain your loyal clients, but everyone tends to use the traditional ways to do marketing or manage their salon. The critical point in this war is to find a more effective way to keep in good touch with your clients and be considerate to your clients, hence increasing your revenue!

Wemero Salon WhatsApp Reminder provides the solutions for you to have a better way to connect with your clients!

Salon Whatsapp Reminder

And here are the benefits that Wemero Salon WhatsApp Reminder will bring to you!

  1. Make Your Salon Clients More Loyal to Your Salon

 On Wemero, you can invite your clients to subscribe to your salon’s WhatsApp Reminder, which will increase the client’s loyalty to your salon. at the same time, they will be used to your salon Whatsapp Reminder to remind them to attend the appointments.

That will show your clients distinguish your salon from other salons easily and get “addicted” to it and at last, become your salon’s loyal clients!

  1. Automate Salon Booking Reminder Effectively

With Wemero Salon WhatsApp Reminder, you won’t need to stand by the calendar to remind your clients one by one, time by time, just set up the time ahead of the appointments to remind your clients automatically.

Compared to SMS/Email reminders, it is most effective based on both cost and time. More important, you obtained the bookings and increase the revenue.

  1. Sweet Words to Get Close to Your Clients

You can set your own reminder templates on Wemero, and use some of your customized words to make your clients comfortable when they receive their bookings reminders.

For example, your coffee is ready in our salon, come to enjoy your coffee and improve your appearance when you come out of our salon! Your services will start in 25 minutes! See you here!

Wemero is here to make your salon marketing and salon clients maintenance more impressive, therefore acquiring more clients and boom your income!

  1. Track Clients Status

Compared to SMS/Email reminders, a salon WhatsApp reminder is more likely to check your clients’ status, once your salon WhatsApp reminder is sent out, at least you can see if your clients read your message or not.

Once it passed the due time, if clients read the message without showing up or even replying to your message, you can call your clients to confirm what happened, and you can go further to make the next decision or reschedule it.

  1. Start Conversations at Once

Once your clients received your automatic salon WhatsApp reminder, your clients are able to start conversations if they have any situations, whether they would like to reschedule their bookings or book more services.

Instant contact on WhatsApp will help your salon prevent bookings from losing and tighten the relationship between your salon and your clients. Start managing your salon on Wemero, you will have another one more tunnel to touch your clients.

  1. Increase Show-up Rate

That’s the final goal of the salon WhatsApp reminder is to keep your show-up rate at a higher level. And Wemero has made all this process smarter and more effective!

The salon WhatsApp reminder is your ideal way to improve your salon show-up rate.

Salon Whatsapp Reminder

Wemero Salon Business Ecosystem

Along with Wemero Email Marketing, you can invite your clients to subscribe to your salon WhatsApp reminder, check Here how to start your Salon email marketing!

Already start your salon WhatsApp reminder? Here are the tips to improve your salon WhatsApp reminder: HERE.

Wemero creates the salon improvement ecosystem to help you grow and manage your salon/spa business, join us you will see how we innovate the industry and how we lead the industry!

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