How to Improve Your Salon Customers Review Community?

Why You Need to Get more Salon Customer Review?

Have you ever noticed the value of customers’ reviews brought to your salon business?

Any relationship between your salon booking growth and reviews? 

When you give a glimpse of your reviews, you may find that a period of positive reviews contributed to more bookings on your calendar!

The positive reviews subtly boost your business, which benefits your brand building! Gradually, your clients trust your brand profoundly and firmly.

Customers lean on deep research which is mainly based on reviews, as it is tightly related to their body, wellness, and even image! 

Hence, customers’ words play an important role in getting more new bookings, especially when they see the supportive reviews encouraging them to spend plenty of money. 

Salon customer reviews will impress the young a lot since they are precisely under the way to seeking their beauty full of personality!

In a word, salon customers’ reviews have massive potential for salon owners to grow business! But how to build up a better comment community? Dive to read the following.

Practical Tactics to Build up Better Salon Customers’ Review Community

Invite salon customers to review by Email/SMS

Salon Customers’ Review, of course, comes from your customers; usually, customers barely automatically comment on your social media or your website about the service they enjoyed.

A timely reminder Email/SMS will draw their attention to reviewing your salon services. Or even when the customer has purchased any product from you.

And SMS stands out as it has an over 98% opening rate. 

Except that, to ensure your customers will review after seeing your message, you can set up some payback to encourage them to finish the reviews, like coupons, discounts, etc., which boost your bookings at the same time.

At last, assure two-way communication in your email/SMS, make sure send the polite sentence and you can receive their reply, as your customers may have different views on your services. It is the best way to prevent the adverse effects from happening.

Also, they ensure that the feedback is sent to the critical portals. Ins, Facebook, and Google are some of them.

Post a sticker to remind them to review in your salon

While customers enjoy service in your salon, it is a good chance to involve them in leaving reviews by impressing them with prominent stickers like Thumbup, five stars.

You can post them on your door, on your mirror, etc.

Besides, it will make your clients feel worthy as this will give them an impression that you are respecting their opinions.

Previous testimonials will also evoke them to review the service they enjoyed, and you can list several on your mirrors.

At last, don’t forget to say thank you to them for their reviews of your salon!

Keep yourself in Touch with Customers

The timely communication tunnel is very crucial to bringing a happy customer experience. 

A great system eliminates all the communication barriers that ruin clients’ experience. You need to keep all of your communication tunnels online, like social media messages, website chat, email, SMS, phone, etc.

Be sure to provide good and timely communication, answer their question, give them more guidance, offer a good after-sale service as well.

It let go of all your frustration related to erasing the confusion of every client. Then, a good review is generated naturally.

Reward to the reviews

Once you receive good salon customers’ reviews, there is another thing you need to do, reward them by offering coupons, discounts, products, extra service, etc.

It will impress your customers again with your gratitude and increase the revenue as well.

More positive salon customers’ reviews show up over time.

You can record their consuming detail to assist your salon customer segmentation.

Be positive to handle the negative reviews

First, remember not to reply to negative reviews when you have a bad mood.

Second, find where the problem is, Is it due to your mistake, or do your salon customers desire an over-exceeding expectation? Or are you missing some necessary guidance?

If you’re n the wrong, make it right. Offer a complimentary service for your next visit or p free product. An excellent authentic review can go a long way, but a bad authentic review can seriously damage.

You should still respond, even if the client is leaving an over-exaggerated, spiteful review.

An extra effort from your side takes you nothing instead makes customers extremely happy.

Spread your clients’ Work/Feedback on your social media

Your service never stops after your clients step out of your salon. You can take further steps to build an emotional connection with your clients so that they feel valued. You can even loop in your clients in your social media post.

Once you are done with a session, take permission from your client to take pictures of your work for social media.

Share the picture on your social media and tag your client. They will surely appreciate it and reshare your post. Then it will help you to increase more exposure.

At last, don’t forget to invite your audience to leave comments under your post, and don’t forget your booking link!

Never Drop Down customer service standards

Your salon’s premium priority should be serving customers as they are the core of the salon business. That is essential for salon customers’ review community.

To enhance customer service, first, you need to pay more attention to the reviews from the customers and understand their needs and experiences.

Second, you can start with building a strong customer service team like you can hire and train professionals with the right skills. 

At last, you need to improve more details of the whole service process, like considerate email/SMS reminders, time-to-do reminders, etc. It would be beneficial if you consider more for your customers.

Keep authentic to your customers 

Keep in mind that no matter what happened, failed/successful salon business, everybody loves authenticity. 

If you are running a business, it’s highly important to be realistic to customers, it will generate happy and satisfied salon customers’ reviews.  it’s very important to be authentic to them. 

Show what you are, what you can serve, not more than that. Never flaunt you offer these professional products or services if you actually don’t. Because when customers themselves realize things completely different after taking your services, it pinches them badly. It breaks their trust. They will never think of coming back to your salon again. 

You are breaching their trust once means letting your brand image down in your client’s eye. You will not get another golden opportunity to welcome those customers. 

Staying authentic to your customers, we simply recommend. Show what you are. It is more than sufficient for real clients.


A better salon customers’ review community is more like a game-changer for your salon’s business progress. 

Sufficient salon Customers Review will improve your whole image in the market. Extra efforts are saved to market or promote your salon, and you can enhance your productivity greatly because most of your marketing gets done by your happy customers. 

Gradually, your word-of-mouth marketing promotes your salon to the next level. Additionally, their feedback on your salon app or website plays a crucial role in increasing your traffic. 

A better salon customers’ review entirely solely depends on how you serve your customers and offer high-quality customer service. Your professional services are the essence behind the clients’ smiles and satisfaction. 

Do keep winning your customer’s trust with your incredible beauty business.