Why do existed customers lose?

Most of the business owners have the same question: Why do existed customers lose? The answer is as follows:

Lost due to poor service value.

Value is the functional manifestation of product quality in terms of price, as well as the objective feeling of personnel service in behavior. Shoddy products and careless service will keep customers away. Because customers feel that the experience they get from products and services is inferior.

Lost due to incomplete service system.

“Service system” is the process of delivering products and services to customers. Customers who come to your beauty salon to receive services will face many links, such as the location of the beauty salon, whether the transportation is convenient, whether there is parking space, whether the reservation channel is unblocked, whether the customer’s consumption information is completely preserved, and whether the treatment of new and regular customers is the same. Therefore, we believe that the “service system” is the key.

Lost due to the poor service of employees.

Employees who cannot communicate effectively can easily arouse the anger of customers. Common examples include: not greeting or smiling to customers, delivering inaccurate information, chatting with other employees to ignore customers, reckless or indifferent attitude, etc.

Generally, these situations occur unconsciously. The main reason is that employees cannot communicate effectively with customers. Therefore, learning and understanding communication methods is an urgent training course for beauticians.

Lost due to unreasonable price system or huge profits.

Now more and more products can be purchased online, customers who bought the same product in the store with a higher price are deeply hurt.

Lost due to competitors.

Beauty is a constantly new industry. All the trends about fashion, skincare, health, and beauty are focused here. If the decoration is outdated, the equipment is poor, the product is consistent for ten years, and the service is not improved for ten years, it is normal for new entrants or large brand stores to compete for high-end customers.

Special tips: Instead of catching new customers, it is better and more important to retain existing customers through high-quality service management, because the beauty industry is also an industry that relies on word of mouth. Instead of making a huge profit on a product, it is better to make a long-term profit on service.


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