The Massage Master Advice to Your Beauty Business and Physical Health

It is a great honor for Beauty Wemero to introduce our software lover and Massage Master-Anglos Raphel, owner of i Spa, Dubai, UAE.

With accomplished skill, Anglos provides unisex Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Deep tissue Massage, Thai Massage, etc. He can fully relax your body and bring a peaceful mind to you! Home service is provided as well, check them and book HERE: https://www.wemero.com/booking/store-detail/1/651

His business journey became more thriving after he chose Beauty Wemero, Beauty Wemero team kept meticulous to contribute to his business growth.

Beauty Wemero is committed to innovating the way salon/spa owners run their business, especially improving their effectiveness, cutting the cost, and acquiring more clients, therefore, supporting more Beauty owners is our goal so that more Salon/Spa owners will benefit from Beauty Wemero!

Hence we are grateful that Anglos can share his experience of using Beauty Wemero with us and provide more advice on our Physical Health based on his profession!  

Let’s welcome his words! 

To Improve your Beauty Business

Booking Website is Essential for Nowadays Salon & Spa

The booking website allows your clients to book your service on 7/24, and on Beauty Wemero, you can also manage your online bookings from the website, reducing your mistake or forgetting of your bookings, it will automatically remind your customers and staff.

Beauty Wemero will generate your booking website smartly based on your upload info and pictures, it is very great and save lots of your time, especially it doesn’t have any other charges.

Besides, Beauty Wemero will support you in building your booking website until it is perfect.

Thumb up for their help!

It is really useful when you share your booking website on social media, or with your clients, your shop will get more traffic on the Internet and your brand will become famous, and more clients will come to you by themselves.

Properly Getting more Traffic is Helpful

Yeah, at present, your traffic will mostly come from social media, and your clients may spread your salon/spa with your link on social media.

Beauty Wemero will help you gain traffic based on your situation and work out your exclusive plan. It is indeed, your salon/spa gets more exposure and people know you more, it really helps when you provide home services or you are a freelancer, like Wedding makeup.

Contact the Beauty Wemero team, they will give you more professional ideas and advice. 

Customer Maintenance is Vital to Getting More Loyal Customers

It is well known in Beauty Industry that our bookings are mainly from our loyal customers. And I am sure that you may not remember every loyal customer or every loyal customer’s favorite stylist or staff.

Beauty Wemero is a brilliant assistant to help you retain your loyal customers and segment your customers, save lots of your paperwork or even memory work.

Also, the referral marketing is my preference, Beauty Wemero will send coupons to both referrals and referred clients automatically. Isn’t it a tool to fission your clients?

Marketing Tools Absolutely Work for Growth

Marketing tools are the key to boom your bookings shortly, the great bridge to connect to your clients, Beauty Wemero integrates the mainstream tools to get in touch with your clients.

Only the banner slogan or the post may not attract clients in a short time, Beauty Wemero enriches our ways to reach our clients, saving your time and cost definitely.

What is most important, it brings clients to you.

Receiving Online Payment is Necessary 

We did meet the situation that we waste time on unserious client bookings, receiving online payment will instantly protect that from happening. Beauty Wemero allows you to connect to Stripe and you can set up a deposit for online booking.

What’s else, you can also set up your no-show protection when you need to do it.

And it will increase your revenue no doubt, it is very easy to get your Stripe and connect to Beauty Wemero. You can contact the Beauty Wemero team to get more information, they will help you handle it.

To Improve Your Physical Health

Here are some tips for your self-massage from Anglos 

Self Low Back Massage

Due to inadequate lumbar support, people who sit for extended periods experience low back pain, which causes the low back discs to become compressed.  

Follow these tips to relieve the pain:

  • Stand upright to a wall with your back.
  • Between you and the wall, place a tennis ball or massage roller device behind the pit of your back.
  • Move your body up and down and side to side, allowing the ball or roller to roll across your back.
  • Continue rolling to locate trigger points, holding pressure over these spots for 10-30 seconds before releasing.

Book i Spa services to have a deep relaxation: https://www.wemero.com/booking/store-detail/1/651

By – Julio Caorta

Neck and Shoulder Self Massage

You may have recurring tension and pain points on your neck and your shoulder blades if you work at a desk, neck and shoulder self-massage can help ease the effects of hunching or slouching at a computer.

Follow neck and shoulder self-massage tips to feel better while you work:

  • Upper trapezius: Curve your right arm and your right fingertips close to your right shoulder and put your upper trapezius muscle. Move your fingertips across your trap muscle,  from the outside and do your way to the base of your neck. Repeat slowly several times until you feel your trap muscles relax. Then switch to the left side.
  • Middle trapezius: Use two fingertips to push firm pressure to your middle trapezius—the spot where your neck meets your shoulders. Insist pressure for 10-30 seconds and then release. Repeat multiple times until you feel pain relief or deeper relaxation. 

Anglos is just an amazing massage specialist. I always book home services using Wemero: https://www.wemero.com/booking/store-detail/1/651

By – Rodger Mussa

Self-Head Massage

 A face and scalp massage can make you feel relaxed and revitalized if you have tension headaches or you’re just looking for a way to reduce stress,

Below are some top tips on self-massage for headaches, targeting your face and scalp:

  • Scalp: Put the heel of your thumbs on either side of your head. Push your scalp upward, holding for a few seconds. Repeat actions until you’ve massaged your entire head.
  • Temples and forehead: Put your thumbs high on your cheekbones, holding your head near your ears. Give pressure with your fingertips, making circular motions across your temples and forehead until your fingers meet in the middle of your forehead.

Happiness is massage day. I just love booking services from i Spa. He is a gem in Dubai: https://www.wemero.com/booking/store-detail/1/651

By – Rose Marloo

Hand and Foot Massage at Home

You can ease your hands and feet from the routine massage at home for these important appendages if you’re on your feet all day or work with your hands. 

Here is how to relieve tension:

  • Hands: Place one of your palms facing up, in the palm of your other hand. Relax the top hand and wrap the thumb of the bottom hand around until you reach the palm of the top hand with small, circular motions, massage your palm in sections, up to each finger joint. Flip your hand over and massage the back of the hand the same way. Do the same to another hand.
  • Feet: Hold your foot and bend your toes. Put your thumb in the lowest spot of your ball of the foot(the pit). With small rotation motions, use your thumb to massage the mid part of your foot, adjusting for pressure until you feel the tension, and release. Repeat on the other foot.

Got releive from old back pain. thank you so much Anglos & Wemero for your amazing recommendation. Love you Anglos. Keep rock on in UAE. : https://www.wemero.com/booking/store-detail/1/651

By – Sudha Mandekar

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